Manan Associates --- Machining
The machining division of Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. (SIS) specializes in machining, manufacturing and assembly of small parts for the scientific, medical and professional markets including mass spectrometer filaments, mass spectrometer sources and other parts for vacuum and scientific instruments.

Scientific Instrument Services of Ringoes New Jersey has just purchased a new machine shop facility in Plumsteadville, PA (shown below) in order to expand its custom machining capabilities. The new 10,000 square foot facility contains a wide array of computer controlled (CNC) lathes, mills, screw machines and other metal machining equipment. This new facility will enable SIS to expand its custom and OEM machining and manufacture of precision parts for the scientific, medical and industrial markets in order to meet our ever increasing customer requirements for precision machining.

Scientific Instrument Services has been in the scientific instrument business since 1978, serving the needs of the scientific instrument and medical markets to both end users and to OEM's. Since we are a manufacturing company with a scientific instrument background, we are proficient in the manufacture of precision parts to high tolerances with good finishes, cleaned and ready for use in vacuum environments.  We specialize in small to mid size production runs including prototype development utilizing state-of-the-art computer controlled turning centers and milling machines.  We seek to develop strategic partnerships with OEM's. Our capabilities include CNC machining, electropolishing, tumbling, sandblasting, cleaning, parts assembly, micro spot-welding, vacuum welding, leak testing, component testing and quality control.
Areas of Specialization
  • Small to mid-volume production runs
  • Strategic partnerships with OEM's
  • Machining of small parts for scientific and medical  instruments
  • Mass Spectrometer Filament design and manufacture
  • Mass Spectrometer Source manufacture and assembly
  • CNC machining in all materials including Stainless Steel, other metal alloys and plastic polymers
  • Precision Machining to high tolerances
  • Ultra finishes on machined parts
  • High cleanliness of finished parts
  • Electropolishing, tumbling and sandblasting capabilities
  • Quality Control utilizing state-of-the-art computer inspection equipment
  • Assembly and testing of components into completed assemblies
How can we serve you?
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • Quality Control
  • Assembly
  • Filament Manufacture
  • CNC Machining