Manan Associates

Manan Associates supplies high tech scientific, industrial & vacuum products,
EDM Wire, Accessories and consumables products to the scientific community through out India. Since being established in 1997, we have been committed to supplying our customers with quality products in this field.

In excess of 20 years of our sales experience in EDM wire, now we are promoting the sales of Hando EDM wire in India. Hando brass coated EDM wires are manufactured in Korea which is totally conforms to the market philosophy and requirements. These wires are manufactured with specialized drawing equipments and manufacturing process.

Only virgin copper and zinc are used in manufacturing, to ensure both peak and stable performance. Highly skilled operators and extensive testing facility of Hando made the EDM wire to exceed the world standards.

  • An extremely clean and smooth wire surface, precise diameter, and stable performance.
  • Out standing straightness and suitable for auto threading
  •  Precision within the closest tolerances resulting in extremely accurate cutting rates

We Promise to try our best to introduce quality, cost effective products to meet the objectives and requirements of our customers and business associates in India

Absorbent Resign for Trapping Volatiles,  Vacuum pumps, Vacuum gauges, diffusion oils, EDM wire, Copper tube electrodes, EDM filters, Ion exchange resign, EDM Parts, Filament Heater repairs, Temperature controllers, Electron Multipliers, Insulation material, Capillary columns, swage fittings
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